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dermofeel® sensolv MB

Isoamyl Laurate
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dermofeel® sensolv MB


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dermofeel® sensolv MB is a fast spreading, polar oil component with silicon-like sensorial properties for skin and hair care products. In hair care, it can be incorporated clearly into surfactant bases and efficiently reduces combining forces without build up. In skin care, it provides an elegant, light and velvety sensorial profile. It is non sticky and increases the spreadability of emulsions. Furthermore, dermofeel® sensolv MB is excellent for pigment dispersion and UV-filter solvation.

Features & Benefits of dermofeel® sensolv MB

  • Clear, low-viscous emollient that provides a light & non-sticky skin feel
  • 100% vegetable-based raw material
  • High SPF formulations feasible due to very good solubilization of crystalline UV filters
  • Good stabilizing properties in color cosmetics due to excellent wetting properties of hydrophobic coated pigments
  • Hair conditioning without greasy or heavy residues, no build-up
  • Efficient combing force reduction
  • Antistatic effect
  • Improvement of foam characteristics (foam boosting & creamy foam)


  • Face care – e. g. natural based cosmetics, for regions with hot climate.
  • Sun care – e. g. effective sun protection products with improved spreadability and lighter textures, sun care products with high SPF, sun care for men, natural based sun care.
  • Baby & Body care – e. g. natural based body care, body oils.
  • Color cosmetics – e. g. natural based foundations.
  • Hair care & body wash – e. g. natural based body washes, natural clear shampoos, natural conditioner rinses.

dermofeel® sensolv MB

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