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zea mays (corn) starch
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MAISITA 9040 is produced by mashing, washing, and drying of corn followed by heat-treatment to reach a low plate count. MAISITA 9040 is a physically treated native corn starch used as a rheology modifier.

  • Low bacterial count by heat treatment and not by gamma sterilization.

These starches are used after emulsification/hot processing (below 40C)  for aesthetic modification (feel, tack reduction, etc). Also, they are added to the water phase prior to heating, to provide thickening and rheology modification to the formula. It can also be used to create Pickering emulsions.


Benefits of MAISITA 9040 include:

  • Improved skin feeling
  • Reduced greasiness and stickiness of emulsions
  • Slow-release effect
  • Mattifying effect
  • Natural antiperspirant agent

MAISITA Corn starch (Zea Mays) can be used as an effective baby powder talc replacement in a range of formats from traditional to new wet wipe formats. It can also substitute talc in color cosmetic applications to give a greener label claim. Available in a range of options including irradiated or heat treated and COSMOS organic certified.





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