Phytosphingosine HCL (Phytosphingosine Hydrochloride)

Phytosphingosine HCL

Phytosphingosine Hydrochloride
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Phytosphingosine HCL


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Phytosphingosine HCL is a skin-identical Phytosphingosine, naturally present in the Stratum Corneum. Phytosphingosine HCL improves the appearance of red, inflamed and blemished skin by soothing the skin and balancing its microflora. INCI: Phytosphingosine Hydrochloride

  • Naturally present in the skin
  • Effectively reduces the signs of acne
  • Inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the skin
  • Reduces redness and inflamed skin
  • Active at very low concentrations
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      Phytosphingosine Hydrochloride