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Dimethylimidazolidinone Rice Starch
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Because of the small particle size, RICE NS is a perfect powder ingredient for fine face powder, compact powders, complexion groundings, eye shadows, powder pencils and loose powders.

This product can be processed sole or as addition to powder bases. Remarkable properties compared to talcum are the better opacity and the better adhesion to the skin.

A finish of powder or powder bases with RICE NS gives them an impression of velvet skin. This effect is especially appreciated for skin powders and decorative powders. It cannot be achieved to this extent with another raw material.

Additionally RICE NS appears matting, similar to titanium dioxide. Due to the microcrystalline structure of RICE NS a natural soft glimmer and a fluent change from powdered to unpowdered skin areas can be achieved. This is an excellent advantage because the change from powdered to unpowdered skin areas are not defined but flowing.

RICE NS shows a very good opacity, adhesion, and creaminess and does not clog the skin pores. Because of the non-swelling property of RICE NS the lumens of the pores do not wide, even after long-term application (contrary to native rice starch).

This product shows a slightly acid pH-value of approx. 5,5 and is therefore similar to the pH-value of the skin acid cover and preserves it. This is a difference to mineral powder substances, which react neutrally or slightly alkaline.




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