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Agenamalt 20.222

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Agenamalt 20.222


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AGENAMALT 20.222 is industrial corn starch. This product is a dried starch saccharification product that can be used as a neutral carrier for flavours, in gumdrops, as a coating, in ice cream, dry soup mixes and sauces, baby and dietary foods, as a carrier, in candies, in instant foods, as a coffee whitener, in instant beverages, in liqueur production, mixed herbs, and sauces.

agenamalt 20.222

AGENAMALT 20.222 is a spray-dried saccharification product. The fine, white powder is a free-flowing, slightly hygroscopic powder that solves readily in water and consist of a special carbohydrate composition.

AGENAMALT 20.222 is used for its good water solubility, neutral taste, and easy digestibility.

Main applications are:

  • Aromas, essences: a carrier for spray-dried aromas
  • Baby food: -slightly digestible carbohydrate
  • Spice mixtures: -neutral carrier
  • Clear dry soups: – Improvement of flowability
  • Confectionery: -reduction of sweetness, reduction of crystallization tendency of sucrose solutions


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