Barley Natural Starch by Agrana -Glenn Corp- an Azelis Company

Barley Natural Starch

Hordeum Vulgare Seed Flour
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Barley Natural Starch


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Natural Barley Starch is a native barley starch with excellent microbiological status.

Applications of Natural Barley Starch

  • Hair Care – because of fine powder, useful in dry shampoo and further aerosol hair care products. It provides a smooth and natural feel with good volume development.
  • Skin Care – it offers a light scattering effect to that of young skin which results in a nude look that corrects freckles and dark spots. It instantly blurs appearance of wrinkles by softening edges through light diffusion.
  • Color Cosmetics – it reduces tackiness and provides a soft feel while replacing synthetic ingredients like Nylon-23 or PMMA.
Natural Barley Starch

Particle Size ~ 16𝜇m average (laser diffraction). Free flowing fine powder.

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      Hordeum Vulgare Seed Flour
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