dermofeel® viscolid MB by Evonik Personal Care -Glenn Corp- an Azelis Company

dermofeel® viscolid MB

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
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dermofeel® viscolid MB


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dermofeel® viscolid MB is a natural oil thickener that creates soft and creamy oil gel textures. The powder material solidifies oils by building a crystalline-like structure with no influence on the sensorial profile of the oil. Furthermore, this raw material is an excellent film builder in O/W emulsions and can increase viscosity and stability, depending on emulsifier combinations. In W/O emulsions it can complement the stabilizer system.

Benefits at a glance

  • Natural oil thickener for pure oils
  • Solidifies the liquid oil phase
  • Does not alter the sensory profile
  • Creates soft and creamy oil gel textures (non-clear)
  • Allows clean & precise application of oil gels on the skin and creams
  • Increases viscosity of W/O emulsions
  • Stabilizes the oil phase
  • No change of sensorial profile

Application dermofeel® viscolid MB – Your opportunities:

  • Baby & Body care – e.g. natural based baby/body care, massage gels, body oils, foot care mask
  • Sun care – e.g. water free sun care products like sticks, sun protection gels
  • Facial & body cleansing– e.g. body scrubs, facial peeling, cleansing oils/gels, in-shower creams, water free hair masks
  • Face care – e.g. oil masks, night creams, lip balms
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      Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
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