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TEGO® Natural Betaine


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TEGO® Natural Betaine is a naturally occurring substance. It can be found in various species, like plants, animals as well as in human organism. It functions as an osmo-protectant as its amphoteric structure counteracts against osmotic pressure. In this way especially halophile organisms living in high salinity environments protected themselves from osmotic stress.

This ingredient is a natural amino acid derivative (trimethylglycin). Due to its structure, it is hygroscopic and has moisturizing properties. Its strong water binding capacity ensures retention of skin moisture.

TEGO® Natural Betaine is obtained from sugar beet molasses by an extraction process.

Features & Benefits of TEGO® Natural Betaine

  • Natural amino acid derivative from sugar beet
  • Shows strong water binding capacity
  • Retains skin moisture


  • Baby care
  • Body care
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Eye care
  • Face & Neck care
  • Hand & Foot care
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Scalp care

Influence on RBC-Test with TEGO® Natural Betaine containing surfactant mixtures

TEGO® Natural Betaine


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