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TEGO® RenewHA Lacto

Lactobionic Acid
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TEGO® RenewHA Lacto


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TEGO® RenewHA Lacto is an aldonic acid obtained from the oxidation of lactose and comprises of a galactose moiety linked to a gluconic acid molecule via an ether-like linkage. Owing to the high number of hydroxyl groups, LBA is a very hygroscopic and forms gels containing about  14% water with atmospheric moisture. This performance is reportedly better than some traditional humectants such as glycerin and sorbitol.

Skin exfoliation is well-understood approach to achieve a more radiant, healthy-looking skin. Evonik’s next generation alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) and derivative aldo bionic acids (ABAs) offer consumers a choice of effective skin renewal that is nonetheless sensitive to the skin.


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TEGO® RenewHA Lacto has the following benefits:

  • Excellent skin moisturization and humectancy benefits
  • Antioxidant, chelating, and other skin protective benefits
  • Improvement in the appearance of skin clarity, thickness, and quality
  • Protective benefits for photoaged skin
  • Milder with low irritation

Applications include:

  • Body Care
  • Face & Neck Care
  • Hand & Foot Care
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