TEGOSOFT® AC MB (Isoamyl Cocoate) by Evonik -Glenn Corp-


Isoamyl Cocoate
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TEGOSOFT® AC MB is a very light emollient, fully based on renewable sources. This product has a low viscosity, low oiliness, and absorbs easily. It is produced by enzymatic catalysis, an eco-efficient process. This emollient can be easily distributed on the skin and it shows a quick absorption behavior without leaving a waxy film on the skin.  It imparts a light, non-oily skin feel in cosmetic emulsions.

This emollient is miscible with all common cosmetic oils and can easily be used in oil-in-water and water-in-oil formulations. TEGOSOFT® AC MB is an emollient ester of isoamyl alcohol and fatty acid of 100% vegetable origins which are sugar beet, palm, and coconut. It is produced by the eco-efficient Evonik enzymatic process which yields a high-purity product.

Features & Benefits of TEGOSOFT® AC MB

  • Helps in formulating natural cosmetic products with a more light sensory profile
  • Fully based on renewable sources
  • Produced by an enzymatic process that leads to savings of > 60% on energy consumption and CO2 emission
  • Clear, low-viscous emollient that provides a non-oily skin feel and quick absorption into the skin
  • NaTrue and COSMOS certified
  • Approved by EcoCert


  • Natural cosmetic products (see formulation hints)
  • Facial and body care emulsions, gels, and serums
  • Baby Care
  • Sprayable emulsions
  • Antiperspirants/Deodorants
  • Color cosmetics


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Isoamyl Cocoate

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        Isoamyl Cocoate

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