AGENAFLO OS 9051 by Agrana -Glenn Corp- an Azelis Company



AGENAFLO OS 9051 is a non-GMO aluminum octenyl succinic modified starch for use as softening/texturing agent. It can be used in a wide range of applications including skin care creams, sun protection, after shave lotions, eyeshadow powder, and creams, and liquid makeup.

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AGENAFLO OS 9051 is a LIPOPHILIC STARCH. This non-GMO aluminum octenyl succinic modified starch is used as a softening/texturing agent. This aesthetic enhancer provides unique feel benefits as a granular starch. Hydrophobic surface enhances affinity for oil, hand slip and compatibility with surface active ingredients. Targeted at Anhydrous formulations. A cost-effective option for Dry Shampoo Aerosols.

Agenaflo OS 9051 Functions

  • Reduces tackiness and greasiness
  • Achieves easy glide, pleasant skin feel and velvety appearance
  • Softening / texturing agent
  • Stabilizes emulsions

 Applications of AGENAFLO OS 9051:

  • Decorative powder / makeup / liquid makeup
  • Skin care creams / facial cleansing / baby care
  • Sun protection / after sun creams and lotions
  • Toiletries/hand washing/ shaving/after-shave lotions
  • Eyes shadow powder and creams

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