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AGENAJEL 20.313, a cold water soluble starch-ether based on a waxy maize starch (edible), is a rheology modifier and creaminess enhancer. The white-yellowish power is cold water swellable and shear-thinning with rapid viscosity recovery. It is ideal for use in applications as a thickener in creams, lotions, and cream shampoos.

Up to now our starches were mainly used as a granular powder as absorbent, mattifying agent and feel enhancer. A completely new concept is to use starches as thickeners in surfactant systems like liquid shampoos and conditioners. Ideal thickeners are chemically modified starches with INCI (Sodium) Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate. They are produced from renewable raw materials but are neither Organic (“Bio”) nor are they suitable for COSMOS. Since shampoos & body washes are fully released into the sewage system it is, in our opinion, a definite advantage that they are completely biodegradable and food-compliant.


AGRANA developed 2 new starches also for SLS-free surfactant systems: AGENAJEL 20.383 is a cook-up starch. It has to be heated up (gelatinized) in an aqueous phase (water) for thickening effect – but it has a lower gelatinization temperature (~ 60°C) than native starches (~ 80°C). AGENAJEL 20.313 is a cold water swellable starch. It can be used in cold processed applications for thickening and is comparable to bench-mark STRUCTURE XL from Akzo Nobel which is also cold water swellable.


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