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Chemical characteristic of CORN PO4 PH “B”: Di-starch phosphate ester on the base of cornstarch.

This boiling-resistant conventional starch is a powder base for antimicrobial, disinfecting, astringent or keratolytic powder preparations like baby powder, loose face powders, body and foot powders, rouge, eyeshadow and compact powders.

  • Silky skin feeling
  • Reduces the oiliness
  • Protracted liberation of the actives (aromas etc.)
  • Pronounced matte imparting properties
  • Improved spreadability of emulsions (ball bearing effect)
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect and slow releases: DISTARCH PHOSPHATES ‘lock in’ moisture adsorbed from the water phase of your formulation. When applied, this water is released over a long period, providing moisture to the skin throughout the day.

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As a result of the drastically reduced moisture content, CORN PO4 PH „B” absorbs and binds considerable amounts of sweat and skin moisture, thus keeping the skin dry over prolonged periods. In addition to this, CORN PO4 PH ,B” possesses a large specific surface area, that is, 1 g has a surface area of approx. 800 cm². This means that 1 g of CORN PO4 PH „B” can absorb 0,6 g of water without losing its powder characteristics, a considerable advantage compared with talc.

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