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Microzest 25 Rice

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Microzest 25 Rice


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Microzest 25 Rice is an extremely fine micronized rice powder with a silky touch. It presents many multifunctional properties thanks to its specific granulometric size dispersion.

Differentiate your color-cosmetics with this natural ingredient and its multifunctional properties.

Quickly develop unique applications that:

• Absorb Sebum

• Improve the press ability when used in press powders

• Improve the adherence on the skin (loose powders)

• Improve the skin feel

• Permit to obtain a non-greasy effect



Solving Formulation Challenges

• Microzest 25 Rice Enables the powder to flow freely without agglomeration. Thanks to its easy dispersion, numerous cosmetic applications are possible (in skin care and make-up).

• Thanks to its starch composition, Microzest 25 rice brings a texturizing effect to the product.

• Brings smoothness to the final product.

Innovation for Dry Shampoo

Thanks to its sebum absorption capacity, Microzest 25 rice is an ideal ingredient to formulate dry shampoo. The particles sizes dispersion allows a perfect flow of the powder through all the orifices of the aerosol delivery system and presents a good dispersion of the powder in aerosol without agglomeration. Furthermore, it is used in dry shampoo participates to obtain a volumizing and texturizing effect.


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