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SIPERNAT® 9000 PC is composed of exceptionally sturdy round-edged Hydrated Silica particles and are therefore the preferred choice for formulations with a long-lasting scrubbing effect. The large SIPERNAT® 9000 PC particles are selected for strong desquamation or for the function of a sensory indicator when combined with smaller particles for the cleaning.

SIPERNAT® PC Hydrated Silica exfoliating particles are tailored to cover the full range of scrub formulations, enabling different desquamation and sensory properties. The SIPERNAT® PC portfolio offers particles in different size, morphology and hardness that enable formulations for skin areas of different sensitivity (e. g. face, body, feet). The synthetic mineral nature of SIPERNAT® PC Hydrated Silica provides for consistent and high quality, reducing the microbiological burden in the formulations to a minimum. The hydrophilic surface of the SIPERNAT® PC Hydrated Silica particles not only makes them easy to incorporate into any type of scrub formulations but also ensures removal in wastewater treatment after application. This makes SIPERNAT® PC an eco-friendly alternative for microplastic.

SIPERNAT® PC Hydrated Silica due to its close relation to natural occurring silica is recognized as nature identical by major certification organizations, e.g. COSMOS.

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