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SPHINGONY, the hair cycle balancer! is a unique sphingolipid based on Evonik’s ceramide expertise? SPHINGONY is the trade name for Sphinganine, a naturally occurring, skin-identical sphingolipid. It is produced by fermentation of unique yeast fermentation, ensuring that Sphinganine features the same stereochemical configuration as found in nature and in human skin. The skin-identical stereochemistry of Sphinganine is of key importance for its biological functions.


  • A unique sphingolipid based on Evonik’sceramide expertise
  • Skin identical stereochemistry
  • Effectively improves the appearance of hair quality
  • Promotes a healthy scalp, resulting in the appearance of voluminous hair


Product Characteristics:

  • White to off-white powder
  • Soluble in alcohols and emollients
  • Recommended usage level: 0.1 – 0.5%


Potential applications

  • Hair tonic
  • Rebalancing leave-in conditioner
  • Multifunctional scalp fluid 










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